Wednesday, April 11, 2018

U.S.-Guatemala Arbitration Panel Clarifies Effective Enforcement Under Labor Provisions of Free Trade Agreement

US FTAs have had labor clauses since 1994, but do they actually work?  See my comment in the International Labor Case Law Journal on the recent controversial CAFTA-DR Guatemala labor arbitration decisiron.

I'd also like to draw your attention to some other articles in the current issue of the International Labor Case Law Journal on the Bangladesh Accordcompulsory trade union dues in Brazilcollective bargaining in the public sector in Peru, a new decision from the European Court of Human Rights on wage deductions and forced labor, equal pay for work of equal value in Germany, a fascinating Dutch case in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the OECD Guidelines, and labor standards and the World Cup.

The ILRC was established four years ago and has proven to be an important resource on international labor law developments.  One of the nice things about the ILRC is that the case comments are all concise and to the point. They can be accessed free in PDF format, though the actual case reports and decisions can only be accessed with a subscription.

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