Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gender Analysis of 2015 CAFTA‐DR Report on and Action Plan for Honduras: Public Comment to USDOL National Advisory Committee

The USDOL National Advisory Committee for Labor Provisions of US Free Trade Agreements provides the public with a great venue for comments on labor provisions of US free trade agreements - as well as a forum for learning the most up to date information about US implementation of FTA labor provisions.

The next meeting is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday, February 2 in Washington, DC.

I've expanded my initial gender analysis of USDOL's CAFTA-DR report on and action plan for labor standards in Honduras to include (1) a discussion of the narrow interpretation of the definition of "labor law" to exclude gender and discrimination issues from the scope of CAFTA-DR's labor chapter; (2) a recommendation that a supplemental report be issued and action plan be developed on workplace gender issues in Honduras; and (3) a new References and Resources section with background information on the Honduras petition and report, gender and trade and gender sensitive approaches to OSHA and general workplace inspections.

One great new development in USDOL's implementation of FTA labor provisions is making public a complete Spanish translation of its 143-page February 2015 report on Honduras.

Check out my site to read my full comment to USDOL's National Advisory Committee here:  Gender Analysis of 2015 CAFTA-DR Report on and Action Plan for Honduras:  Public Comment to USDOL National Advisory Committee.

I'm looking forward to seeing whether and how USDOL and the NAC respond to my public comment.

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